MAODS & Next Generation Youth Theatre are Multiple Award Winners!

Association of Community Theatre Awards (ACT) Awards - November 2016

Tracey Rontree—Most Original Character Portrayal (Female) for Stepping Out.

Most Creative Production (Drama) - Stepping Out.

Gary Jones-McCaw—Most Original Drama Character (Male) for Stepping Out.

Kerry Newton—Most Original Character Actress—Doralee 9 to 5.

Jon Crebbin—Most Original Character Actor—Franklin 9 to 5

Gary Jones-McCaw—Most Original Choreography—9 to 5

Ricardo Atherton—Most Original Character Portrayal—Dustin in Starlight Express.

Cameron Hall—Most Original Character Portrayal—Poppa in Starlight Express.

Most Accomplished Ensemble Performance—The (Next Generation) cast of Starlight Express.

Emily Clarke—Most Original Character Portrayal—Dinah in Starlight Express.

Gary Jones-McCaw—Choreograhpy for Starlight Express.

Violet Winterbottom—Youth actor in a one-act play.

Roshni Palmer-Hill—Youth actor in a one-act play.

Greater Manchester Drama Federation Awards July 2016

Clare Egerton — Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Roz Keith in 9 to 5, April 2016.

Emily Clarke — Best Performer in a Youth Production for Dinah in Starlight Express, Jan 2016.

Gary Jones-McCaw — Best Choreographer for Starlight Express, Jan 2016.

Paul Firth — Best Musical Director for Starlight Express, Jan 2016.

Technical Award — Stepping Out. Awarded for Super detailed set with a pull-out stage.

Adjudicators Special Award — MAODS stage staff for over 30 years' of service to the Society and amateur stage.

Greater Manchester Drama Federation Nominations July 2016:

Stepping Out (Sept 2015)

Technical Award: "Super detailed set of a hall which included a pull out stage"

Starlight Express (Jan 2016)

Emily Clarke: Best Performer in Youth Production, Female (Dinah)
Cameron Hall: Best Performer in Youth Production, Male (Poppa)
Technical Award: "For the imaginative use of staging to represent a race track"
Gary Jones-McCaw: Best Choreographer
Gary Jones-McCaw: Best Director
Paul Firth: Best Musical Director

9-5 The Musical (April 2016)

Laura Hoyle: Best Actress (Judy Bernly)
John Crebbin: Best Actor (Franklin J Hart)
Claire Egerton: Best Supporting Actress (Roz Keith)
Gary Jones-McCaw: Best Supporting Actor (Joe)
Frank Williams: Best Performer Under 21, Male (Josh Newstead)
Liz Linden: Best Choreographer