Next Generation present ‘Our Day Out’

Next Generation (Senior Drama) present ‘Our Day Out’ written by Willy Russell.

Mrs Kay teaches a class of illiterate pupils, called the “Progress Class” at an inner-city school in Liverpool.

The class are going on a trip to Alton Towers, but the Deputy Headteacher, Mr Briggs, catches them misbehaving. At the very last minute he tells them they are now going to Conwy Castle, in north Wales.

On the journey, they make some stops (at a service station, a zoo, and the beach) where the children shoplift and generally misbehave as we find out about their lives.

Will the children ruin the trip with their bad behaviour? Will the teachers be able to control them? Why does Mr. Briggs take them to the fun fair? And do they ever return home?

Hop on this hilarious coach journey to north Wales and find out!

Tickets are only £10. Book now: [email protected]

This amateur production of OUR DAY OUT (play version) is presented by special arrangement with SAMUEL FRENCH LTD.

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