Scenery Workshops

At our Woodend Mill workshops we have a dedicated stage staff who construct all the scenery for our productions in our own purpose-built workshops. Fully equipped with all necessary equipment our scenery is constructed to professional standards and after use it is often purchased by professional scenic supply companies. Like all the workshops at Woodend Mill the scenery workshop was constructed from a bare shell by our stage staff. All walls, floors and ceilings were lined and painted and the floors and walls were built by our stage staff over a period of nearly 12 months. The workshops is now fully equipped and like all our workshop areas is fully alarmed with fire alarms, CCTV and emergency lighting.

We are always happy to hear from anyone who is interested in making scenery. We meet up on Sundays and during the day when productions are imminent. If you’d like to join us please get in touch. No skills are required as we all have  to start somewhere!

Need Your Own Scenery?

All our scenery is made to professional standards and very often, at the end of a production, the scenery is purchased from us by professional scenery hire companies. If you are interested in purchasing scenery from us or having items of scenery made to order, please contact contact us.